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Implement and make concerted efforts to do all the work

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Implement and make concerted efforts to do all the work
——The Party committee of the school of energy and power engineering held a meeting of Party branch secretaries
The afternoon of June 13th, School of energy and power engineering Party committee held a plenary meeting of Party branch secretary, to implement the recent school Party committee requirements for the work of Party building and deployment, the meeting chaired by the vice secretary of the Party committee secretary Yuan Haiyu, Wang Junfeng, Ren Baoqing, director and Party branch secretary attended the meeting.
At the meeting, party secretary Wang Junfeng first expressed back to college feelings, expressed the hope that with the joint efforts of teachers and students, cherish the college development opportunities, and actively create a good environment for the development of college, in term of the college to cause passing the torch, life and growth in nature. Then, combined with the June meeting of Party Secretary Wang school spirit, the school Party committee of Jiangsu University "to promote the" two a "learning education normalization institutionalized work program", "Jiangsu University" double catch double promotion visits work program "the implementation of activities and the Organization Department" on the promotion of "two a" learning education normalization institutionalized work arrangements for 2017 "," on the implementation of the "grass-roots party secretary of Jiangsu University project" implementation plan "and" on the implementation of Party members "pioneer light performance, the integral management system implementation plan" carry on the spirit of the document, arrangements and requirements, a clear time node of the work. After that, the Party branch's self-examination, Party construction, theoretical research and practical innovation, project approval, and "good learning and good use of work law" were carried out for guidance and implementation. Finally, Yuan Haiyu Secretary of the supplementary statement, requires each branch to attach importance to the work of Party building, strengthen learning, strengthen ties and guide the staff of the student Party branch Party branch.
Through this meeting, student Party branch secretary of the Party committee of the recent clear spirit of the document and work requirements, to actively play the main role of the Party branch and the vanguard role of Party members, work together for the college development work.

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