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The three session of the three faculty meeting was successfully held

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School of energy and power engineering held the three session of the three faculty meeting
In June 21st, the three session of the three staff meeting of the school of energy and power engineering was held at the grand lecture hall of the college. 72 faculty members attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Junfeng, Secretary of the Party committee of the college.
At the meeting, party secretary Wang Junfeng first expressed back to college feelings, expressed the hope that with the joint efforts of teachers and students, cherish the college development opportunities, and actively create a good environment for the development of college, in term of the college to cause passing the torch, life and growth in nature. Then, President Wang Qian made a work report on behalf of the college party and government team. On the basis of reviewing and summarizing the work in 2016, the guiding ideology, main objectives and central task of the college work in 2017 were clearly defined. He stressed the need to implement the "13th Five-Year" development planning as the main line, focus on the development objectives of the school, condensed the whole staff's wisdom and strength, further emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity to exert upward spirit, more pragmatic reform initiatives, the pursuit of excellence, to ensure the successful completion of the annual work objectives.
The general assembly also listened to and considered the report on the financial revenue and expenditure of the office director, Mr. Liu Qing, and the trade union work report delivered by the chairman of the division of labor, Mr. Ren Baoqing.
Then, since the term of office of the college division of Labor Committee expires, the division of labor will study the decision and submit it to the school trade union for approval, and the division of labor will also be held in a general election. Elected a new division of energy and power engineering division of labor committee. Wang Zhentao, Wang Yingze, Liu Qing, Liu Dong, Du Min, Su Wenjia,, Tang Aikun (in accordance with the surname strokes), and so on, 7 comrades were elected members of the new division of labor, comrade Liu Qing was elected chairman of the new division of labor. Then, according to the spirit of the school, Jiangsu University also elected the four session of the faculty assembly and representatives of trade union members.

Finally, combined with the division of general secretary Wang Junfeng and the hospital leadership adjustment, put forward new requirements to the college in 2017 the implementation of the tasks and the work of honest government, the layout of the Department (room) to discuss the consideration of group president Wang collection staff work report and proposal in June 30th to discuss the situation summary of a written summary and solicit proposals the college will be submitted to the division, so far, energy and power engineering, three session of the three general assembly staff, the successful completion of the agenda, the curtain falls.

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