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From the needs of teachers and students, improve work

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From the needs of teachers and students, improve work
——College of energy and power engineering party held before the end of term party joint committee
The morning of July 1st, School of energy and power engineering party held before the end of term party joint committee, the main issue is the combination of school leaders in charge of line work, in-depth contact the Department (room) and student Party branch, carry out visits, carry out activities report. The meeting was presided over by Wang Junfeng, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, and members of the team and members of the Party committee attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the members of the college leadership team reported on the "big two visits and major implementation" research work in accordance with the tasks assigned by the last joint session of the party and government. Each school leaders are based on the analysis of the investigation list, the list of issues to clear accurate facts, and classified, to have the conditions to solve the problem, Li said Li line, has rectification; of some other lines and departments, the situation is more complicated problems, team members were fully discussed, study on party joint meeting, set a deadline for rectification of date; making it difficult to completely solve the problem, the Secretary Wang require team members to use the summer research based on the analysis, come up with specific rectification plan, and strive to solve as soon as possible, so that each piece is nowhere to be found, everything has an echo, effective rectification. Then, according to the Secretary Wang "visits, the implementation of" research, scientific research will determine the students to pay attention to the high degree of analysis of cultivating innovative ability, combined with the "Secretary project" project, the project name, project, advance measure, schedule, form results of the project are introduced in this paper, the Secretary of the project in each line involves sub tasks of the deployment, requiring team members at the end of August with the implementation of the program, to ensure that the "Secretary project completed on time. The meeting also members of "pioneer light and contents of grading standard scheme and integral performance management system was fully discussed, combined with the actual work piece require team members, to further improve the contents of grading, the beginning of next semester to determine the formal evaluation program. Finally, Secretary Wang also carried out the propaganda work of the Institute and the information collection of Party members. Wang Qian Dean on the summer security and stability work, pan president on scientific research projects tracking and deployment and reporting.
School of energy and power engineering Party committee to carry out grasp rectificationpromote service, grasping the project to promote the implementation of the implementation of big visit activities, focusing on the implementation, while visiting side, truly in line, grasp the contradictions in the first solution, policies and measures in the first implementation, work style of the line change, let the students feel "double catch double promotion activities bring new changes, the effectiveness of the new school.
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