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The School of Energy and Power Engineering New Energy Teachers and Students Party Branch to Carry out the "Belt and Road, Building Dream China" Theme Party Day Activities

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In response to the closing of the Second Belt and Road Forum for High-level Cooperation, the students and teachers of the Institute have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the Belt and Road strategy advocated by China. On the afternoon of May 8th, the Party branch of the New Energy Teaching and Labor Party, the student party branch, the representatives of the members, and the representatives of foreign students from our hospital participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Shuang, Secretary of the Party branch of the New Energy Education and Labor Party.

Afterwards, we all learned to watch the first episode of the "Belt and Road" documentary "Common Destiny" and "Amazing, My Country." After the viewing, we had an active discussion. Uzoejinwa Benjamin Bernard said that through the viewing of the film, he has experienced the economic development of China from strong to weak, and then to the present revival, let him know the correctness of China's current policies and brave the tide of the times. Sivakumar Esk kimuthu said that the Belt and Road policy has brought many practical changes to his hometown, allowing him to confirm the wisdom of coming to China to study. Li Xiang said that he has improved his sensitivity to state policies, economic development strategies, and other times. He has deeply realized the great achievements made by the Chinese nation under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as its core, and fully recognizes that under the new opportunities of the times, Clarify the mission of the young party members.

Finally, Ms. Hu Yamin made her concluding remarks. She pointed out that the purpose of organizing this study meeting is to improve your sensitivity to state policies, economic development strategies, and other times. Through learning, teachers and students in our hospital consciously associate the future and destiny of the individual with the development of the country and the prosperity of the nation. This meeting provides a new idea and new method for the work of the Institute of Sanquan Education to help the college to better carry out the personnel training work.

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