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Inheritance of the martyrs spirit to become the outstanding communist party member

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In order to cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, inheritance China Communists sacrifice, the courage to fight the spirit of tradition, in March 30, 2017, Tomb-sweeping Day dawn, Jiangsu University School of energy and power engineering graduate students of grade 16 Party branch and Jingkou District Xiangjiang Flower City Community Party branch together in Beigu mountain martyrs cemetery was held on the theme of "heritage of the martyrs the spirit of" to become an outstanding member of the sweep activity.
Morning 9:00, sweep activities officially began in Hong Kong Flower City Community Party branch secretary Comrade Jiang Chunxiang under the auspices of the Postgraduate Party branch student representatives and community party representatives together to the martyrs wreath for deep nostalgia, all members of the scene of the three minute silence ceremony. After that, Chiang Kai Shek, the community secretary, led the party members to review the oath of joining the party, prompting everyone to remember the sacred mission as a member of the Communist party. Finally, a pedestrian to visit the Beigu mountain martyrs cemetery Memorial, the memorial staff for you on the glorious deeds of the martyrs of the revolution and the great spirit.

Through this sweep activities, on the one hand the each party of the martyrs of nostalgia arise spontaneously, so cherish the present life; on the other hand strengthen the Postgraduate Party branch and community party branch ties, build for the future lay a good foundation.

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