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Overseas senior researcher Feng Yuqing was invited to come to the school for the outstanding academic report

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Recently, the Commonwealth of Australia science and industrial research organization of mineral resources department senior researcher Feng Yuqing was invited to lecture hall in my school 1419 School of energy and power engineering for multi-scale complex multiphase flow simulation system from basic research to industrial application "academic report. The report will be presided over by Professor Pan Jianfeng, vice president of the dynamic Institute. Some teachers and students from the Institute of dynamics and the fluid center will participate in the lecture.
Feng Yuqing Commonwealth of Australia as scientific and industrial research organization, a senior researcher at the Ministry of mineral resources, has long been engaged in industrial complex multiphase flow process engineering development and application of the CFD model, in gas-solid and gas-liquid multiphase flow fields have made innovative research results. Chaired or participated in a number of Australian flagship project (the equivalent of 973 domestic and 863 major scientific and technological projects), joint research fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of overseas and Hong Kong and Macao overseas outstanding scholars etc.. At present were published in international journals and conference papers more than 120 articles, the total cited more than 500 times, including single quote one hundred times, as many international academic journal reviewer.
The report of the meeting, Dr. Feng Yuqing first compares China and Australia in the environment of scientific research and project application etc., and briefly introduces the research and learning environment of Commonwealth of Australia scientific and industrial research organization. Then from the industrial complex multiphase flow behavior in the process of multi scale engineering perspective, introduced the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and multi scale simulation plays in the research and development of new reaction system of multiphase fluid flow in the process of role and advantages. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Feng Yuqing multi-scale simulation study based on experience, focus on fluidized bed gas-solid two-phase flow system in the study of DNS, CFD-DEM, PCM, TFM and DEM-TFM methods and theories in detail, and the flow of medium scale bubble behavior, within the system of aluminum electrolysis gas-liquid two-phase macro / mesoscopic coupling the fluid flow and alumina distribution and transmission behavior were explained. At the end of the report, Dr. Feng Yuqing also answered various professional questions raised by the teachers and students in detail. The teachers and students here benefited a lot.

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