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Professor Hong Zuquan of Taipei University of science and technology came to our Institute for academic exchange and gave lectures to undergraduates

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At the invitation of President Wang Qian of our institute, Professor, a professor at the Jiangsu University (), Professor of science and technology at (-12), came to our university for academic exchange on May 7, 2017, and gave lectures to undergraduates.
Professor Hong has taught engineering courses for undergraduate students with years of teaching experience, taught in English and taught in chinese. Taking the thermodynamic cycle as a starting point, the Kano cycle and the Brayton cycle are taught in English. The first law of thermodynamics is taught in Chinese based on the solution of the thermophysical properties of refrigerants. The students responded enthusiastically and achieved good teaching results. Our young teachers were also greatly inspired, and played a positive role in the construction of online courses in the course of Engineering thermodynamics.
Professor Hong has also conducted in-depth exchanges with the young teachers of our Institute on related research in the field of thermal science. From the point of view of multi-disciplinary integration and efficient energy cascade utilization, Hong recommends the use of organic Rankine cycle power generation technology for further recycling of biomass pyrolysis heat release process; in view of present situation of waste heat of aluminum electrolysis industry, proposed by multistage organic Rankine cycle cascade heat recovery of different grade etc.. The lively atmosphere of communication stimulated the enthusiasm of our young teachers for scientific research and innovation.

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