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School of energy and power engineering party held the party joint committee arrangement of Party building work

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The morning of June 7th, School of energy and power engineering institute party committee held a leadership change after the first party joint committee, member of the Party Leadership Academy and college Party committee members attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the party secretary and President Wang Qian.
President Wang Qian reviewed the achievements of the college Party committee in recent years, and also welcomed Secretary Wang Junfeng to return to the college. Wang Junfeng first secretary to convey the main content and the school Party Committee Party meeting conference spirit, he stressed that a democratic life is the focus on learning, the college leadership held the party joint committee is college Party Central Group will.
The meeting, Secretary Wang led the leadership in-depth study of the big river Council "Jiangsu University to promote the" two a "learning education normalization institutionalized work program", "Jiangsu University" double grasp the double promotion activities implementation visits work program "and the school Party Committee Organization Department issued" on the "two schools do" learning education normalization institutionalized work arrangements in 2017, "Jiangsu University" on the implementation of "Secretary of grassroots party building project" implementation plan "and" on the implementation of Party members "pioneer light performance, the integral management system implementation plan", and combine their own learning of interpretation. In accordance with the spirit of the document, he is a member of the team the following requirements: school leaders in charge of line work, in-depth contact the Department (room) and student Party branch, carry out visits, implement the activities required to do interviews and investigation records, identify problems to find real, list the list of issues, itemized rectification and cancellation. Around the "Secretary project", determine sub projects, list the contents of the project, specific practices and objectives, achievements, indicators, etc.. According to "pioneer volume performance, project integration management system, the score of the reference standard, given the specific rate of reference according to work requirements, as well as a bonus, the above tasks are put forward the implementation of the specific time node.
After the end of the study, according to the school party secretary Wang stressed that the meeting will strengthen and implement the spirit of common responsibility system of Party and government, give full play to the political core role of college party, fighting force vanguard and exemplary role, further motivate and encourage enthusiasm, make new achievements, to create a new bright spot.
At the meeting, the college leadership team also discussed the adjustment of the relevant personnel of the Institute, and the recommendation of "three people with advanced education".

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