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Energy and power engineering college Party committee held "in the hearts of the party, always with the party" oath activities

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In the 96th anniversary approaching, in order to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs of young student party members and party spirit education, incentive based post graduates, the courage to play, give full play to the exemplary role of Party committees in June 19th, School of energy and Power Engineering 1 pm in the college hall held a party in the heart, "always follow the party oath activities, special education aims at a party organization concept of Party members and members of the new graduates. Yuan Haiyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, Secretary of the student Party branch Cheng Shan, Tian Jincheng, Xiao Hong, and all the new party members and graduate Party members participated in the activities. The activities were presided over by Ren Baoqing, an organization director of the college.
At the beginning, under secretary Yuan Haiyu took oath under oath, members of his right hand, facing the flag of the solemn oath. "I volunteered to join the Communist Party of china......" , sonorous and forceful oath, expressing solemn commitment to the party.
The teacher on behalf of old Party spokesman said: just this moment, facing the flag, raised his fist, as the old party heart is surging, the Communist Party of China Communist Party Constitution stipulates: the first chapter sixth probationary party members must face the flag of the party oath. This is a solemn and vivid party concept education carried out by the party organizations after the probationary party membership. It is also a good form of self education for probationary party members. Today is the birthday of the new party members on the political life". I hope in the future whether graduating party members or to continue learning in school members, often have to relive the party oath, only the party did not forget the beginning of the heart, square can remember the steady Zhiyuan; today the oath, ignited passion, in order to encourage.
Then, the new secretary to the party members and graduate Party members raised three points, one is to strengthen the ideal and faith, I hope that we will always remember and fulfill the oath to join the party from thought, organization and action as a qualified party members. The two is to strengthen the style of temper, the style of construction is a long-term task, we should take the initiative to strengthen the party spirit, to improve the comprehensive quality, carrying forward the party's fine style of work, to do good growth, undertake the social responsibility in the process of serving the community has outstanding character of the Communist Party and significant dedication present value of life in the return of the motherland and the people. The three is to become the advanced model, we should start from their own learning and work, play a role in the study and work, striving to be the vanguard, with action to practice the party oath, writing no regrets.
Finally, the main matters of the transfer of the party members of the party members are explained in detail, and the transfer of the relations between the graduates and the party members is successfully completed.

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