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The School of Energy and Power Engineering successfully held paid internship promotion talks in the United States

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Recently, the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Jiangsu University successfully held a study abroad education seminar for freshmen in the lecture hall of Chengjiao Building. Chinese and foreign service to help the United States to help Shaodong Fang, head of international projects, Zhou Desai, our hospital, as well as all freshmen in our hospital to participate in this lecture.

First of all, Shao Dongfang introduced the contents of paid study programs in the United States to students through the broadcast of publicity videos. The live pictures of students living in the United States were presented to illustrate the living and working conditions of the students studying in the United States and the pay attention to the paid internships in the United States matter. Afterwards, Teacher Shao explained the questions that the students may be worried about. She pointed out that the project can not only help students practice their work skills and improve their English, but also create competitive advantages for further study in the United States or entry into multinational corporations. Finally, on-site Q & A session, Shao answered the students one by one, attracting a warm applause from everyone.

It is reported that the lecture made the students have a better understanding of the significance, role and conditions of overseas exchange and study, and established confidence in their overseas exchange.

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