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Energy and Power Engineering Institute overseas study exchange

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On December 5, 2017, the energy and power engineering major held an overseas study exchange meeting on energy and power engineering in classroom 317 of Sanshan Building. The class was reported to you by classmate Wang Lingxiao from 1401 Power Class.

Wang Lingxiao first introduced the participating students to the recent learning situation, focused on answering the questions everyone is worried about, for the upcoming four exams and final exam cheer. Subsequently, Wang Lingxiao and his students went abroad to share experiences and feelings with them from three aspects: going to the United States for paid internships, exchanging visits to Gyeongsang National University in Korea in the summer, and attending the "Three Kingdoms, Three Universities" academic conferences in Japan's Mie University . The attentive students listened attentively, the passionate interaction made the atmosphere warm and harmonious.

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