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Appointment ceremony of part-time professor at Jiangsu University cum Professor Wang Ruzhu report will be held smoothly

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On December 8, the ceremony and cum report on the appointment of part-time professors of state-level teaching masters, national young artists, Changjiang scholars, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Wang Ruzhu was successfully held in the first lecture hall of the school conference center. The ceremony and the report were presided over by all the vice presidents of the Graduate School. Professor Yuan Shouqi, secretary of the party committee of the school, and key leaders of the Graduate School, the School of Energy and Power Engineering and the School of Mechanical Engineering attended the briefing.

Professor Yuan Shouqi, secretary of the school party committee, gave a speech at the ceremony of appointment and issued a letter of appointment for Professor Wang Ruzhu and a school badge. After the ceremony, Professor Wang Ruzhu made a presentation titled "My Opinion on Innovative Talents and Excellent Graduate Students". Professor Wang combined his training of outstanding doctoral students in China introduced in detail the innovative talents and excellent graduate training ideas and methods, describes how to guide graduate students in scientific research and academic interests, so that graduate students focus on research to stimulate graduate student innovation vitality, to graduate students Provide excellent research conditions and platform for postgraduates to experience happy and healthy growth in the team. Afterwards, Professor Wang introduced the norms and skills of writing academic articles and dissertations, and said that "everyone worked harder and harvested one minute." He said that only hard work and hard work can be done by everyone. After a long period of hard work, high-quality essays can be written . Finally, through the micro film "Warm and Cold Work", expressed Wang some views on personnel training.

Professor Wang's ideas, methods and valuable experience of "Innovative Talents and Excellent Graduate Students", which is described in his own experience, have aroused strong resonance among teachers and students present, benefiting a lot of people. At the same time, Professor Wang Lide tree people, rigorous Benedictine, selfless dedication deeply infected with the presence of each teacher and student, inspire the majority of teachers and students for the study, study, man's higher pursuit and for the research university, Double first-class "building a firm determination to contribute.

Speaker: Wang Ruzhu graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1990 with a PhD. He is currently the director of the Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the director of the Research Center for Solar Power Generation and Refrigeration Engineering of the Ministry of Education, the member of the Strategic Development Committee and the Committee of Refrigeration Equipment of the International Institute of Refrigeration President, executive director of China Solar Energy Society, standing director of China Institute of Refrigeration, director of China Engineering Thermophysics Society, deputy editor of Energy-the international journal, Solar Energy, international journal of Refrigeration, and Applied Thermal Engineering.

Professor Wang Ruzhu has long been engaged in refrigeration and cryogenic academic research, and has made important achievements in system innovation in adsorption refrigeration theory, solar refrigeration and heat pump cycle, and cryogenic fluid heat transfer theory. The first one won the second prize of National Natural Science Award, the second prize of National Technology Invention Award, the first international cooling J & E Hall gold medal (only one per year, and the first Chinese scholarship won since the award was established in 40 years) Access to provincial and ministerial awards 8. He has published 9 books and 3 teaching materials, published 345 SCI papers, cited 7008 SCI papers, and obtained 49 and 13 h indexes for ESI highly cited papers. Three times in a row, "China's high-cited scholars list." 26 times in the international conference report, 25 national invention patents have been transformed and applied, resulting in significant economic benefits. Professor Wang Ruzhu learned, rigorous scholarship, selected Yangtze River (2000), Jay Chou (2002), million people planning leader (2016), is the National Fund Commission innovation group leader, the guidance of the doctor won the national excellent 2, the national Youbo nominated 4, won the national teaching teacher, the national model teacher, the National May 1 Labor Medal and the honor of the advanced workers. The achievements of innovative personnel training to obtain the second prize of national teaching achievement. (Energy and Power Engineering, Mechanical and Graduate School)


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