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Caring for the development of young teachers and promoting the rapid development of the College

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Caring for the development of young teachers and promoting the rapid development of the College——The Committee of the school of energy and power engineering convened a symposium on young workers' representatives
The afternoon of January 9th, School of energy and power engineering party held a "concerned about the development of young teachers, strengthen the construction of teaching staff, to boost the rapid development of" as the theme of the college young teachers on behalf of the forum, the meeting chaired by the party secretary Wang Junfeng, deputy party school book recorded Yuan Haiyu, Liu Dong, Party committee director Ren Baoqing and nearly three years of young teachers attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Secretary Wang talked about the purpose of holding this symposium, and wanted to hear the opinions and suggestions of young faculty on the development, management, teaching and scientific research of the college. Then the young teachers were from the school of the future development planning and the construction of teachers, job promotion, scientific research project application, stable, professional work encountered in the problems and confusion and other aspects, talk about the development of the school's advice, exchange of personal development planning, expression based on their own, do a good job of teaching and scientific research to. Wang Secretary after listening to the young teacher's speech, feel very happy, young teachers concerned to do a detailed answer, and with their own upbringing, encourage everyone to say, teaching is a very sacred cause, of the future development of more to rely on young teachers, work a harvest I hope that young teachers do early occupation planning, taking into account their own development, to deal with the relationship between family and career, to keep enterprising spirit, to create a better future.

Yuan secretary, teacher Liu Dong spoke at the forum, said the young teachers reflect the problem as soon as possible through the system to implement the solution to young teachers, we should work together to support the work of school, together to boost college career accelerated development.

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