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College of Energy and Power Engineering to carry out "people's congratulations, nineteenth session of the National Assembly, Congratulate the party" winter social practice

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January 16, Jiangsu University School of Energy and Power Engineering, "donated 19, paper-cut party grace," Winter Social Practice team went to the World Industry Island to carry out "donate 19, paper-cutting party" social practice, Jiangsu Satellite TV reported on this event.

Team members first told the community villagers and members of the old party about the basic essentials of paper-cut and precautions, and the teaching of hands-on. The old party members thought of party favors and "raised their sleeves" with the members of the social practice team. They used patient patience to overcome complexity and meticulously overcame cumbersome tasks. With the patiently dedicated carving, "the new era" and "the core values of socialism" "Party emblem" and other one by one to pass the spirit of the nineteenth pattern vividly printed on paper.

In the afternoon, after the event was over, members also delivered their own paper-cutouts and window grilles to the villagers in Shiyezhou. Through practical paper-cut, this traditional Chinese folk art, the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China .


                (Practice team members and old members of the Gyeonggi community photo)

(Practice team members to explain to the old members of the community paper-cut essentials)

(Practice team members for the community old party members do paper-cutting demonstration)

(Old members of the community are making paper cuts carefully)

(Jiangsu TV reporter interview team members)

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