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The School of Energy and Power held Special Lectures on Studying Abroad

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On the afternoon of October 28, The School of Energy and Power College held a special lecture on studying abroad in the 210 lecture hall group. The lecture was delivered by Professor Jiangyonghua, deputy director of the International Department. All the professional counselors, fluid(excellent) professional students, and some new students of the 2018 class listened to the lecture.

The lecture opened in the humorous words of Mr. Jiang. Teacher Jiang first cut in from the purpose of studying abroad and pointed out that for most students, studying abroad is to improve themselves, understand international culture and cultivate international etiquette. With the simple explanation of Mr. Jiang, the students gradually have a deeper understanding of studying abroad. Teacher Jiang introduced the process of applying for study abroad in detail and what should be noticed. Finally, Mr. Jiang used several successful cases of applying for study abroad to encourage everyone to actively apply for studying abroad, continuously improve their ability, broaden their international horizons, and cultivate themselves as international talents for a new era as soon as possible.

Through this lecture, we have a clearer understanding of studying abroad, inspiring everyone to apply for study abroad, and adding impetus to the internationalization of the work of the students.

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