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The Training Lecture on "Academic Ethics and Learning Style Construction" of The School of Energy and Power was Held Successfully

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In order to help students better adapt to scientific research life, find accurate learning methods faster, and work more accurately toward their goals, on the evening of November 7, graduate students of our college will invite counselor Xiazhen and two excellent graduate students who have won the 2018 National Scholarship. Representatives: Caitao and Caobin, In the 1419 lecture hall of the Institute of Active Studies, face-to-face academic experience was exchanged with the graduate students of the Institute.

Miss Xia first introduced the school's latest award and aid policy to the students. She pointed out that as a graduate student, she must be able to study independently and actively in the three-year postgraduate study career to continuously improve her own level. Afterwards, Caitao shared with everyone the details of his scientific research from literature reading, paper submission, numerical simulation, and operational experiments. More than two years of graduate student life brought him more than academic growth. It is also the ability to grasp the balance between scientific research and life. Caobin took one of his papers as an example and introduced to everyone in detail the tortuous process from writing to submission rejection to submission until final recruitment. He told everyone that to achieve certain results, perseverance and perseverance are necessary.

In the applause of the students, this academic experience exchange meeting ended successfully. What we share is experience, what we gain is knowledge, and what we don't do is research. I hope you can learn valuable experience, in the future life, study persist in the struggle to achieve good results!

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