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Professor Sunjinhua, Chief Scientist of China University of Science and Technology 973, was Invited to Make an Academic Report at JIANGSU University

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On 21 November, at 2 p.m., the colloquium of Professor Sunjinhua of the University of Science and Technology of China was held in the Report Room 1419 of the Institute of the school of energy and power. The conference was presided over by Professor Panjianfeng, vice president of the Energy Academy. Some teachers and graduate students from the Energy Academy participated in the conference.

Professor Sunjinhua is the chief scientist of the National 973 Plan, the winner of the "Hundred Plan" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the winner of the "Hundred Plan" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is currently the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Fire Disaster Sciences and the director of the Institute of Energy Fire Safety. Director of the International Fire Science Society(IAFSS) and Vice Chairman of the Asian-African Fire Science and Technology Society(AOAFST). National Science and Technology Award Review Expert, International Science and Technology Cooperation Evaluation Expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Expert of Expert Group on National Safety Production, Deputy Director of the Chemical Safety Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, and Deputy Director of the Construction Fire Professional Committee of the China Fire Society, successively served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Committee of five international journals such as Fire Safety Journal. And the editorial board of eight domestic academic journals such as the Journal of the University of Science and Technology of China. Professor Sunjinhua presided over more than 20 national projects such as national 973 projects, key funds projects, and national key research and development projects. He published more than 230 SCI papers, including more than 160 papers in top or SCI high-impact areas. SCI cited more than 3,000 times. He made more than 20 special guest reports at international and domestic academic conferences. Published 7 academic monographs (including 1 book in English). Won the National Science and Technology Progress Award "First Prize" and "Second Prize" one time each, and the provincial and ministerial awards nine times.

On this visit to our school, Professor Sun made an academic report entitled "Macroscopical and Micro in Scientific Research" for the teachers and students of the conference. As for the macroscopical aspects of scientific research, Professor Sun, taking as a case study the 973 project of the country he has presided over, tells us how to do scientific research in the light of the country's major needs, and how to conduct macro-thinking around the country's major needs and the frontier of science and technology. We will concentrate on key scientific issues, determine key research contents, and declare major national projects. With regard to the microscopic aspects of scientific research, Professor Sun, in conjunction with the National Natural Resources Fund project he has presided over, tells you how to fine, deep and thoroughly from the microscopic point of view of a certain scientific problem in combustion research. Strive for good results. Professor Sunjinhua's report aroused the keen interest of the teachers and students of the college. Everyone had a warm interaction with Professor Sun. Professor Sunjinhua responded to many questions raised by everyone. Professor Sunjinhua's report has opened up the scientific research field of graduate students in our university and has played a guiding role in young teachers declaration and completion of fund projects.

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