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The School of Energy and Power Successfully Held Graduate Career Planning Competition Finals

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In order to cultivate students 'career planning awareness and guide and help students to carry out career planning scientifically, on the evening of November 14, the career planning competition final organized by the School of Energy and Power was successfully completed. The event invited the national professional instructor Xuhuihong, deputy secretary of Yuanhaiyu, teacher of the Research Department Huyamin, teacher of the Nengsheng Academy Xia Wei, teacher Sha Meng, and the professional career planning contest winner Zhangchenxin as judges. Provide feedback and guidance on the performance of competitors and provide reasonable suggestions.

After the host introduced the rules of the game, 18 contestants showed everyone their understanding and understanding of career planning through personal PPT display and explanation. Through SWOT analysis, they analyzed their personality and employment environment to find out their own advantages and disadvantages., And specifically formulate the short-, medium-and long-term goals and feasible and continuous implementation plans in career planning. In the question session of the judges, the players used agile thinking and wonderful language to answer the questions one by one, clarifying the direction and focus of their career planning. The wonderful explanation aroused the audience's strong resonance and won applause.

After the exhibition of all the entries, the national professional instructor Xuhuihong made a wonderful comment on the performance of all the contestants. While acknowledging and encouraging the contestants, he also pointed out that the importance of career planning is both a technology for life planning and an analytical tool for guiding life. We must know how to find the right path and method to reach our goals. Make career plans that suit you. Plan your career, navigate your life.

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