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Press Releases and Training Lectures held by The School of Energy and Power

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On the afternoon of November 9th, the School of Energy and Power held a press release to write a training lecture in Lecture Group 103. The participants included Yuanhaiyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Energy and Power, Shamengmeng, counselor, Xia Hao, and class representatives.

First of all, by citing several typical press release cases, Yuan secretary analyzed the problems that appeared in them and introduced to everyone the common mistakes in the process of writing press releases, such as exaggerated language, vague language, and tedious sentences. Afterwards, the students proposed to study the party's propaganda theory and learn from the central news media. Finally, Secretary yuan encourages students to apply the knowledge they have learned to practice, and truly achieve the accuracy, simplicity and standardization of press releases.

This lecture improved the students 'ability to write news and benefited students greatly. I believe that after this lecture, the students in the news writing process will more strictly demand themselves, their own learning to better apply to practice.

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