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The Second Semester Student Symposium of the School of Energy and Power Engineering Studies 2018-2019 Was Successfully Held

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According to the spirit of the “Notice on Doing a Good Teaching Evaluation in the Second Semester of the 2018-2019 School Year” of the 30th year of Jiangsu University (2019), on the afternoon of May 8, 2019, the School of Energy and Energy held a student seminar on teaching work in the second conference room. The meeting was chaired by Gao Bo, vice president of the college's teaching. A total of 12 students from various majors participated.

At the symposium, the students agreed that the overall situation of teaching in our hospital is good, the teaching attitude of teachers is correct, and the teaching ability and education level are high; At the same time, students take the position of being responsible for themselves, for the classroom, and for the work of the department, reflecting the existing problems, and put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions. In response to the fact that the teaching methods of some courses reflected by the students are single, the summer internship schedule is unreasonable, the fourth-year student's attendance rate is not high, and the promotion rate is not high, Vice President Gao Bo has answered the scene and stated that some of the more complex questions are raised. Will be timely to the relevant departments and departments and take measures to gradually resolve.

This symposium provides a channel for students to participate in the process of teaching evaluation and management, and puts forward their own opinions and suggestions from all aspects of teaching, learning, management and service, so as to effectively promote the continuous improvement of our hospital and create a good environment for educating people. The improvement of teaching quality has played a positive role.

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