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The Second Semester Teacher Symposium of the School of Energy and Power Engineering Studies 2018-2019 Was Successfully Held

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In order to further improve the quality of teaching, understand the operation of teaching, identify problems in a timely manner, and continuously improve it, on the morning of May 8, 2019, the school of energy and power engineering held a seminar for teaching teachers in the second conference room of the active building. The meeting was hosted by Gao Bo, deputy dean of teaching. Representatives of teachers and teaching secretaries from various departments participated.

At the symposium, teachers’ representatives gave feedback on the operation of classroom teaching and practice, as well as on the confusion and difficulties encountered. How to penetrate the new engineering education concept in the training plan revision, how to control the graduation design process and quality, how to reflect the student-centered reform of classroom teaching methods, how to strengthen the teaching style and learning style construction, etc. Vice President Gao Bo affirmed the opinions and suggestions of the teachers and made targeted explanations and answers. We need to continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility of full-time teachers and teaching managers, carry the concept of "three full education" through the entire process of education and teaching, and adhere to the principle of student-oriented education, attract students with superb teaching skills, and infect students with noble personality. Serve students with full enthusiasm and work together to promote the new development of college teaching work.

Through this symposium, the college management has learned more about the problems in teaching and learning style construction. At the same time, it has also strengthened the exchanges between college teachers and played a positive role in improving the overall teaching quality and continuous improvement of the college. Promote the role.

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