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WANG Shuang
Date:2020-09-26   View:

WANG Shuang, Professor

Fields of research:
New Energy Science and Engineering; Biomass Energy; Pyrolysis

Granted Projects:
The National Natural Science Fundation of China(51306078, 51676091); The Post doctoral research funding scheme of Jiangsu province in China(1402217C); China Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded (2014M560401, 2018M630529).

Broad research areas:
Biomass Thermochemical Utilization; Algal Biomass Cultivation and Utilization; Solid Waste Combustion; Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Simulation

1.Shuang Wang, Bin Cao, Yongqiang Feng, Chaoqun Sun, Qian Wang, Abd El-Fatah Abomohra, Stephen Afonaa-Mensah, Zhixia He, Bo Zhang, Lili Qian, Lujiang Xu*. Co-pyrolysis and catalytic co-pyrolysis of Enteromorpha clathrata and rice husk. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 2019, 135(4):2613-2623.
2.Shuang Wang, Bin Cao, Xinlin Liu*, Lujiang Xu, Yamin Hu, Stephen Afonaa-Mensah, Abd El-Fatah Abomohra, Zhixia He, Qian Wang, Shannan Xu. A comparative study on the quality of bio-oil derived from green macroalgae Enteromorpha clathrata over metal modified ZSM-5 catalysts. Bioresource Technology. 2018, 256: 446-455.
3.Shuang Wang*, Ding Jiang, Bin Cao, Lili Qian, Yamin Hu, Lu Liu, Chuan Yuan, Abd El-Fatah Abomohra*, Zhixia He, Qian Wang, Bo Zhang. Bio-char and bio-oil characteristics produced from the interaction of Enteromorpha clathrate volatiles and rice husk bio-char during co-pyrolysis in a sectional pyrolysis furnace: A complementary study. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2018, 135: 219-230.
4.Shuang Wang*, Ding Jiang, Bin Cao, Yamin Hu, Chuan Yuan, Qian Wang, Zhixia He, Chi-Wai Hui, Chi-WaiAbd El-Fatah Abomohra*, Xinlin Liu, Yongqiang Feng, YongqiangBo Zhang. Study on the interaction effect of seaweed bio-coke and rice husk volatiles during co-pyrolysis. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2018, 132:111-122.
5.Shuang Wang, Benjamin Bernard Uzoejinwa, Abd El-Fatah Abomohra*, Qian Wang, Zhixia He, Yongqiang Feng, Bo Zhang, Chi-Wai Hui. Characterization and pyrolysis behavior of the green microalga Micractinium conductrix grown in lab-scale tubular photobioreactor using Py-GC/MS and TGA/MS. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2018, 135: 340-349.
6.Shuang Wang, Bin Cao, Abd El-Fatah Abomohra, Yamin Hu,Qian Wang, Zhixia He, Shannan Xu, Yongqiang Feng*, Uzoejinwa Benjamin Bernard, Xiumin Jiang. Comparative study of combustion properties of two seaweeds in a batch fluidized bed. Combustion Science and Technology. 2018, 190 (5): 755-769.
7.Shuang Wang*, Yamin Hu, Benjamin Bernard Uzoejinwa, Bin Cao, Zhixia He, Qian Wang, Shannan Xu. Pyrolysis mechanisms of typical seaweed polysaccharides. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2017, 124: 373–383.
8.Shuang Wang, Zhen Xia, Yamin Hu, Zhixia He, Benjamin Bernard Uzoejinwa, Qian Wang*, Bin Cao, Shanna Xu. Co-pyrolysis Mechanism of Seaweed Polysaccharides and Cellulose Based on Macroscopic Experiments and Molecular Simulations. Bioresource Technology. 2017, 228: 305-314.
9.Shuang Wang, Zhen Xia, Qian Wang, Zhixia He, Hongping Li*. Mechanism research on the pyrolysis of seaweed polysaccharides by Py-GC/ MS and subsequent density functional theory studies. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2017, 126: 118–131.
10.Shuang Wang, Qian Wang, Yamin Hu, Shannan Xu*, Zhixia He, Hengsong Ji. Study on the Synergistic Co-Pyrolysis Behaviors of Mixed Rice Husk and Two types of Seaweed by a Combined TG-FTIR Technique. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 2015, 114:109–118.

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